Not another museum Dad!

I do love a good museum… But that wasn’t always the case…

When I was growing up my younger sisters and I were often ‘dragged’ around or rather encouraged to visit various museums around the country and sometime abroad! From the the National Railway Museum in York to the Science and Natural History Museums down in London to the Bayeux Tapestry Museum in Northern France… we saw them all… usually dressed in the same outfit (see pic)!

3 of us near tower bridge
Me & my sisters in London way back when

Now my lovely dad loves a good museum trip but he likes to read every. Single. Information point! And with 3 daughters trailing behind asking “When can we hit the shops” it must have often felt like he was fighting a losing battle.

But, those formative years being taken to some amazing museums have left a lasting impression on me and I will be repeating history by taking my son around as many as I can in the coming years.

Friday 18th May marks ‘International Museum Day’ and here in Liverpool we are so fortunate to have an array of fantastic museums on offer.

From the International Slavery Museum to the TATE Liverpool to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight whatever you’re into you’ll be sure to find something of interest on Merseyside.

The Museum of Liverpool with that incredible view!

There’s even a lawnmower museum up in Southport although I’ve yet to visit that one… perhaps I could take my dad there for Fathers Day?!

Joking aside, it’s often it’s only when visitors come to stay that you make an effort to visit these amazing places.

But why wait for when visitors rock up? The museums of Liverpool (& Merseyside) offer great #sanitysavingsuggestions for kids and adults of all ages.

When was the last time you visited a museum?

We recently took our threenager to the Museum of Liverpool. They have a ‘Little Liverpool’ section for children 6 and under with FREE tickets for a 30 minutes interactive play session.

Needless to say he absolutely loved being let loose playing with the various exhibits.

“Just parking a boat”

From the parents perspective I loved being able to watch him learn through play, about some of the amazing history of our wonderful city as well as some important issues affecting our society today.

For example playing with the miniature versions of the old docks and having to “park” the boats and open the dock gates to fishing out “rubbish” from one of the water displays and putting it in the “bin”.

Museums are such an important part of society and play a vital role in teaching future generations about  events that have shaped the world they live in.

What’s your favourite Liverpool museum?

I’m not sure I could actually answer this question myself. I suppose it depends on what mood I’m in… and whether or not the threenager is in tow!

Whilst I was on maternity leave we lived on the edge of the city centre and I used to love popping into the Walker Art Gallery or the World Museum on my walk in / out of town. They were great #sanitysavingsuggestions for free days out and got me out of the house.

Unfortunatley for me,  my son would love watching the bug displays in the World Museum! He’d get very excited by the black beetles crawling around… Eeew! Talk about a typical boy!

To help you answer this question though… here are TripAdvisor’s Top Liverpool Museums

How many have you visited?

  1. The Walker Art Gallery
  2. Merseyside Maritime Museum
  3. The Western Approaches
  4. Museum of Liverpool
  5. British Music Experience
  6. The Hardman’s House
  7. FACT
  8. Victoria Gallery and Museum
  9. The Beatles Story 
  10. Sudley House
  11. International Slavery Museum
  12. World Museum
  13. Bluecoat
  14. TATE Liverpool 

With half term approaching why not check out some of the amazing museums Merseyside has to offer for a great #sanitysavingsuggestion!

And if you can’t wait for half term then there is lots going on tonight across the city for LightNight Festival.

LightNight Festival

Image: Andrew Teebay

Friday 18th May also sees the return of the annual #LightNight festival with venues across the city are coming together to stay open until 22:00 to allow people access to places they might not otherwise visit.

If you are thinking of joining in with the festival tonight then check out the comprehensive list what’s on here: LightNight What’s On

For children 6 and under Little Liverpool at the Museum of Liverpool are running extra sessions at 5pm and 6pm.

The World Museum are also doing their own take on ‘Night at the Museum’ with all the family invited to discover the different collections from Egyptian mummies to casts of dinosaur bones!

Map of #LightNight Liverpool (Image: LightNight)

For more #sanitysavingsuggestions with or with your mini humans in tow (!!) then be sure to follow ‘A Mother Place Crosby’ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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