Hunting for Socks!

A Mother Place Crosby is passionate about championing and celebrating local inspirational mamas who are pushing the boundaries and proving that being a mum doesn’t need to define you or stop you from following your dreams.

In the first of a series of interviews we go behind the scenes and chat with local children’s author E. M. Bhatt who’s new book ‘The Sock Hunt’ Launches today (9th May) which coincidentally also happens to be ‘National Lost Sock Day’!

evelyn and book
Local Children’s Author E M Bhatt with her new book ‘The Sock Hunt

Tell us a bit about E. M. Bhatt…

I’m Evelyn Bhatt and I live with my husband Vip and 3 gorgeous boys in South Liverpool. Although I’m originally from Ireland I’ve lived in Liverpool for 30 years.
My background is in Nutrition and Dietetics and I I set up a clinical nutrition company with my sister and a few others 20 years ago. I still work there now and we develop and market specialist clinical nutrition products for children with rare metabolic conditions.

How did you become a children’s author? What was your light bulb moment?

I don’t think I consciously set out to be an author for children’s picture books but one day whilst tiding the house I came across yet another abandoned sock on the floor and I turned to my husband and said – “If I have to pick up more more sock… you know I could write a book about it!” So I did – and that is honestly how ‘The Lost Sock Tales‘ began.
sock bin
Evelyn’s Lost Sock Bin that started it all!
I got out my sock bin which was full of odd socks, and started to develop sock characters and the stories developed from there!
However I would not be publishing my first book without the help, guidance and support from the network Team Author including my editor Sue Miller, the extremely talented illustrator Lisa Williams who adds humor to the characters and helps bring them to life and also fellow author Jude Lennon from Little Lamb Tales

What are your top tips for balancing family life and being a working mum?

Ha if I knew that answer I could write a book about it!!
evelyn writing
For me the word balance is a very important way of living life – if you do too much of one thing it will have a negative impact on something else going on in your life.
Trying to be perfect at everything is impossible. Having the balance is good enough and is far from boring.
As a mother it is of course important to be there for your children but it is also important to find time for your partner and very importantly yourself. Take time out to plan ahead.
So to any mum’s out there, stop feeling guilty – you are doing a fantastic job!

Who inspires you? 

Anyone who is determined to make a positive difference to the world and the people around them, no matter how big or small. Through adversity or just because they can. People that look for the solution and not focus on the problem.

What ‘Words of Wisdom’ would you share to other mamas out there?

Enjoy every moment – yes even the hard times! It is what makes you the person that you are. If nothing went wrong for you then you would not be able to relate to any one else out there.
Surround yourselves with positive people but show empathy to people who are going through a hard time and need someone to listen.
Believe in yourself and do not let people make you think you are not great – do not let these people into your head – sometimes easier said than done though!

What is your favourite children’s book? 

I loved reading books to my children when they were small, it is a very special time and brings back so many precious memories – no matter how tired I was!
There are so many fantastic engaging books for children. The ones I enjoyed reading to them time and time again were humorous ones after all you have to enjoy reading it to them too!
  • Any Julia Donaldson books – especially ‘Monkey Puzzle‘ and ‘What The Lady Bird Heard
  • The Day The Crayons Quit‘ by Drew Daywalt – turning a simple crayon into an hilarious story of why they all quit because of the jobs their owner had them do because of their colour… genius!
  • Snore – A Noisy Night For A Dozy Dog‘ by Michael Rosen and Jonathan Langley was another favourite as the kids loved doing all the noises of the farmland animals.

What is your number one self-care tip?

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

What’s next for E. M. Bhatt?

I really enjoyed writing ‘The Sock Hunt‘ and want the proceeds of the book to go to some of the fantastic charities that I have worked with over the years with my job – such as  the amazing children’s hospitals Alder Hey and Birmingham Children’s as well as the fantastic charity Mathew’s Friends and Ronald McDonald House at Alder Hey.
Superhero sock
Supersock‘ Who represents all the charities Evelyn’s book supports
So my first goal is to make people aware of the book so if they like it and buy it they will be helping support these amazing charities.
Why do this for charity… well I was never going to run a marathon!
These little sock characters have come into my life now so I have a few more books as part of ‘The Lost Sock Tales‘ in the pipe line and hope my second one will be out later in the year.
Oh and to try to get that balance in life i was talking about earlier!!

Finally… And most importantly… Where can people get their hands on a copy of ‘The Sock Hunt‘?


The book is available through my website E M Author
It’s also available on Amazon from today!

If you are inspired by Evelyn’s journey to become an author and have a story you want the world to read then visit Team Author. It’s a fantastic support network for Indie authors like Evelyn to help publish their stories. 
For more information on the charities Evelyn’s book is supporting click on the links below


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