Inspirational Mamas – Wendy from Little Brain Boxes

Here at A Mother Place Crosby we believe passionately about championing local ladies who are an inspiration to the rest of us.

In our latest interview series we met up with the lovely Wendy from Little Brain Boxes. Wendy, a mum of 2 young children and a teacher by background has recently set up her own business providing interactive educational boxes to support children with their Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) learning.

We have been using the ‘Exploring Numbers’ box with our almost 4 year old for a few weeks now and he LOVES it! Whilst we’ve always been pretty good at incorporating learning into every day activities with the boy, the Exploring Numbers box from Little Brain Boxes has given us fresh ideas and the fact there were little pots of play dough, coloured sticks and pens he could use in the box… well safe to say he thought these were all great fun!

The activities can be used over and over again and in lots of different ways making these a fantastic tool for any parents and grandparents.

But how did Little Brain Boxes first come about? We caught up with Wendy to find out more…

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Wendy and a mum to 2 young children. I trained as a secondary school performing arts teacher and through this passion I discovered the importance of learning through play (not just as a child but an adolescent and even an adult!).

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Moving from secondary teaching I took a position working for a local family assisting with the care of their children at home and abroad. It was this position that opened my eyes to the EYFs and many mile stones within these formative years.

As a mother of two now myself, I’ve been supporting my little girl through her EYFS journey, creating many resources and activities along the way. Listening to other parents talk about how they support their children at home  I saw an opportunity to encourage, support and create an easy accessible useful resource for parents and their EYFS child.

So what is Little Brain Boxes?


Little Brain Boxes are educational boxes based around the 7 key areas of the EYFS.

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Each box contains everything you and your child needs to explore your chosen area, every activity is designed to support learning through play and exploration; creating meaningful learning, critical thinking and transferable skills!


What was your light bulb moment for starting Little Brain Boxes?


I was spending many hours creating activities for my little girl, to support her development, sourcing materials, worksheets, props, laminating resources, creating sound tracks the list goes on.

Discussing these activities with other mummy friends I quickly realised many of them wanted to do these activities but either didn’t have the time to create them or didn’t truly understand the importance of the learning behind them.

That night I got out my copy of the EYFS and began grouping activities and my first box was created.

What’s been your biggest challenge in setting up your own business?


Definitely balancing my time! Finding the right time to commit to building my business whilst looking after my family and working.

How do you juggle being a working mum?


Organisation! I take my diary everywhere! I have to-do lists and I am getting much better at prioritising my tasks correctly.

There is always time for a bedtime story and many cuddles, but  luckily for me our little boy still doesn’t like his sleep so I gain many hours working through the night. (Who needs sleep?)

What do you love most about your job?


The creativity! I love looking at the EYFS and thinking about what activities can be used to explore topics.

Then the real fun starts… sourcing the materials to go in the box, I create most of them myself hours in front of my laptop.. Printer… laminator and guillotine. Shopping for the boxes is fun also, choosing safety scissors, play-dough, Pom-poms it’s like Christmas!

Who inspires you?


I’m inspired by my daughter and her amazing ability to try new things and explore the unknown with no fear.

She is the reason I’m trying to build my business I want to help other children and their parents explore activities together: learning, playing, exploring, growing sharing these special moments together.

Wendy & her daughter

What’s next for Little Brain Boxes?


Hopefully much more! I am launching more boxes for different areas of EYFS ‘Ready…. Steady…. Let’s explore colours’ which is available now and ‘Ready…. Steady….. Is it Spring?’ which will be coming soon along with more areas launching over the coming months.

I am in talks with local printing companies and I have just found an artist in Barcelona who is creating some bespoke art work for Little Brain Boxes. I am just at the beginning of this exciting journey!

I’ve also set up a closed Facebook group for all my customers to support them in using the boxes and give additional advice, tips and hints.


For more information and to find out more about Little Brain Boxes follow them on 

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If you’d like to get your hands on one of the boxes then you can purchase directly from  Wendy’s Facebook shop by clicking here


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*Disclaimer: A Mother Place Crosby was kindly gifted the ‘Exploring Numbers’ box by Little Brain Boxes. A Mother Place Crosby was not asked to review the product in lieu of receiving the gift. The views and opinions about the product expressed on this blog are purely A Mother Place Crosby’s own.

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