Shooting for the moon

Last week I attended the Mums Enterprise Roadshow over at Event City in Manchester. It was a fantastic and inspiring event with over 3000 people in attendance throughout the day.


With keynote speakers presenting on topics from overcoming self-limiting beliefs, starting your own business to retraining and up-skilling to find a new path; There really was something for everyone.

I came away from the event inspired, empowered and definitely feeling I could #ShootFortheMoon (the appropriate hashtag for the event!).


Here are just some of my highlights…

Sarah King from By Design Coaching

Sarah spoke about how self limiting beliefs can lead to anxiety, frustration, sadness, loneliness and “stuckiness” or in other words a feeling that others get noticed first.

As mums we often lose confidence and those self limiting beliefs take over fostering imposter syndrome and a mindset of “I can’t…”.

If we believe those thoughts and beliefs that constrain us in some way then we inhibit what we think and what we do!

I think this had to be my favourite slide of the whole day!


Along with “I can’t…” we often put barriers in our own way with thoughts like “What if..” scenarios. But it’s important to remember that life and success isn’t linear. Even the most successful of individuals don’t get things right the first time. It’s how we build resilience… learning from our previous successes and probably more importantly our previous failures.

This is so true!

We need to re-frame our mindset from “I can’t” to “I can”. All very well and good I hear you say but how? Sarah gave us some great top tips for how we can deal with and overcome those self limiting beliefs…

  1. Keep a mindset diary – reflect on what you have achieved not what you haven’t!

  2. Spend time with positive people.

  3. Talk to yourself like a big sister.

  4. What’s the worst that could happen?! When the “I can’t” and “What if” doubt takes hold simply play through the worst case scenario… it’s never as bad as you think it will be in your head!

  5. Break down the bigger picture – managing smaller parts of a problem or a puzzle is always easier than tackling Goliath head on!


Wise words from Sarah King, By Design Coaching

You can find more about Sarah’s work and read about her ‘The 100 Women Project’ a series of interviews with inspirational women here


Danusia Malina-Derben from School for Mothers


Danusia is a single working mum to… wait for this… 10 children including 4 year old triplets!! She runs her own business teaching and coaching mums to change their mindset to help navigate having a successful career and happy children.

Danusia Malina-Derben speaking at Mums Enterprise Roadshow

Danusia spoke about how as working mums if we are going to make a difference then we need the right mindset.

“What makes or breaks a successful working mum is her mindset.”

We need to stop looking out at what other mums are doing and wondering “How does she do it?”. Instead we need to focus on ourselves and what works for us.

We also need to unearth what are our biggest excuses that hold us back. As a mum there are often many obstacles in our way not least around logistical and practical issues such as childcare.

But how do we overcome these issues and stop them from being excuses as to why we “can’t” achieve something?

Danusia’s answer is we need to be more committed about what it is we want than to upholding the excuse that’s stopping us getting there.

That might sound easy to do but what if it’s a real logistical problem stopping you from going after your dream job?

There are always solutions to any problem and Danusia’s suggestion is if you can find a way to carve out what skills you have, what you can offer and re-package yourself for example by setting up your own online business then you may just find a way to say I can.

If you want to find out more about Danusia and the work she does then click here


Hannah Martin from Talented Ladies Club

So I have to confess I’a bit of a girl crush on Hannah and the work Talented Ladies Club does so I was really looking forward to hearing her speak.

Hannah had some great tips and advice to mums wanting to start their own business. From making sure you write not just a business plan but also a marketing plan from the start to ensuring you factor everything into your pricing structure – those hidden costs  like electricity, tax, logistics etc.

Great advice from Hannah Martin from Talented Ladies Club


Hannah also spoke about resilience being the key to success and that it comes from passion, determination and the right support.

“A Lack of confidence is the biggest thing that holds mothers back”

We need to invest in ourselves, build our confidence and have resilience and set goals to work towards.

When setting your goals – ask yourself “What does your life look like this time next year?”. By visualizing your life and your lifestyle it can make those goals more attainable and help keep you focused as you work towards them.

There’s lots more great advice, resources and training available from Talented Ladies Club. To find out more click here


If you are interested in hearing more inspirational talks like these then make sure you follow Mums Enterprise and look out for their upcoming events.


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