A Mother Day In Paradise!

Julie Johnson Unsplash
Photo: Julie Johnson, Unsplash

Motherhood is definitely a journey of ups and downs. Some days you are smashing it out of the park with quality time together, delicious home cooked meals that everyone actually eats without any of it ending up on the floor / walls and no bedtime dramas.



My threenager pulling his grumpy face!

Other days from the moment you wake up you just know it’s going to be “one of those days” filed with literally dragging your kids out of the house because you’re already running 30 minutes late, you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and have accidentally put on yesterdays jeans complete with suspicious stain and your child then decides to throw the mother of all tantrums at every given opportunity in the most public of places forcing you to bring out your ‘Batman’ voice whilst wanting to  throw them in bin, down a very large G&T and press alt control delete and restart the day.

We’ve all been there!

But what constitutes ‘A Mother Day In Paradise’?

For me it could be any of the following…

  • Getting my hair done (which reminds me… I really need a hair cut!)
  • Spending a lovely family day together either down on the beach or visiting an attraction.
  • 37153050025_2e628eed1d_kGetting a hot stone massage from Leanne at The Treatment Rooms in Crosby (she’s awesome!).
  • Pottering round the supermarket alone without a threenager trying to “help” me (apologies to the local supermarket staff for finding a random tin of sweetcorn next to the loo roll. In my defense I only had a fleeting window of opportunity to quickly take it out of the basket whilst said threenager wasn’t looking!)
  • Doing a workshop with Florence and Fox or Creative Balance (if you haven’t already tried one then get yourself signed up!)
  • Going for a boozy child free lunch with my girlfriends.
  • Using the bathroom ALONE! (I never imagined a life goal would be to poop alone!).


But let’s face it most days aren’t like that. A typical ‘Mother Day In Paradise’ for me looks more like one of the following…

  • Cleaning parts of the toilet I didn’t know existed as the threeanger insisted he goes to the bathroom “by himself”.
  • CONSTANTLY picking up toys, empty plates, bits of paper that the hubby has left lying around (it’s like I have 2 children some days!).
  • Cooking a meal that no one eats apart from me.
  • Cleaning puddles of piss from the living room floor (can you tell we’re in the throws of potty training!).
  • Arguing with the a miniature version of myself about why he can’t wear a fleece lined onsie with his wellington boots to bed as it’s 20 degrees outside!

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Those days when you have to take a deep breath, count to 10, soldier on and ask “Is it time for wine yet” are what makes the other days where you catch yourself looking at the mini human your body produced and feel your heart burst with love and pride in equal measure all the more sweeter.

What does your ‘A Mother Day In Paradise” look like?

Use the hashtag #AMotherDayInParadise on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know! We’d love to see / hear what your mum days look like… if anything I just want to know I’m not the only one cleaning puddles of piss from floors!


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