What is ‘A Mother Place Crosby’?

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‘A Mother Place Crosby is a hub for all local mamas (Daddies, grandparents and carers are of course all welcome too!).

A Mother Place Crosby was set up by Louise, 38 and mum to a threenager. I’m a Crosby girl born and bred, although currently living in Waterloo… but who really knows where the boundary for L23 / L22 is anyway?!

When we had our little boy we were living in Liverpool city centre and so I used to spend my maternity leave in and around the city centre and South Liverpool. Since moving back to North Liverpool I’ve often felt there wasn’t as much happening or being shouted about at least, for local mamas. Most of the ‘mummy groups’ I’ve come across online focus primarily on South Liverpool.

So, here I am… LOVING living in this amazing part of the world & let’s face it… one of the best areas of Liverpool… we’ve got the beach, the St. John’s Road Massive, a newly redeveloped town centre, brilliant schools, cheaper house prices and some of the BEST eateries in all of Scouse land!

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing some great #sanitysavingsuggestions with or with your mini humans in tow… that’s right kids sometimes mama needs a break too!

We have some amazing local mums who will be sharing their stories as part of our #InspirationalMama interview series.

We’ll also be looking at topics and issues affecting mum’s today including work related issues and maternal well being. As mum’s we naturally put everyone else’s needs before our own but self care is just as important… … remember ladies you can’t pour from an empty cup!

A Mother Place Crosby is here to shout about, celebrate, champion and empower all our amazing local mamas!

We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

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